As an experienced speaker, I regularly provide talks and presentations for camera clubs and other institutions. I have a relaxed and interactive style, delivering a blend of subject background and photography technique all supported by my imagery.

My talks are designed to last around two hours including a break and can be tailored for longer or shorter presentations. If you are interested in any of these talks please contact me at

Current Talks

Waiting For the Herds

Focused on the wildlife of Tanzania during the dry season, including some big cat encounters I have been lucky enough to experience and a very special cheetah family I have spent time with.

If you are interested in the Waiting For the Herds talk please contact me at

Visions of Nature

A more general talk with wildlife images from the UK and abroad both wild and captive. Sharing background stories and techniques for getting great images whether you are in the wilds of Alaska or visiting a Zoo.

If you are interested in the Visions of Nature talk please contact me at

Whiskers & Wings

Combining my passion for photographing wildlife with a fairly recent forray into aviation photography. Seems that the two subjects could not be more different, but strangely the appeal and also the technique seem to have lots in common.

If you are interested in the Whiskers & Wings talk please contact me at